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SFV is a friendly, adult, group of gamers that have come together to enjoy a few of today’s more popular games. Our guild however is founded in World of Warcraft. We play Horde on the Kilrogg server in WoW. We are a casual guild with the primary interest of actually having fun with a group of people while online. We are friendly, we actually say “hi” when somebody logs in, and generally try and keep perspective of where game time falls on the priority list among our other real-life commitments.

We are not a “progression guild”, though we do enjoy our share of end game content. The best way to describe SFV’s raid commitment is: “casual progression”; we enjoy raiding and progressing but not at the expense of everyday life! We have varying raid schedules that are generally no more than twice a week.

Personality is the number one attribute we look at when determining if someone will be a good fit for our guild. We are always open to adding more like-minded individuals to our roster.

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Time for SFV to Close Shop

by Ceenit, 83 days ago

Hi all,

I am announcing the end of SFV as a raiding guild.  I want to thank everyone for all of the time and effort you have put in, but I have found with my new job that I do not have the time required to continue to run a successful raiding guild.

SFV has successfully completed every major raid tier on the equivalent of heroic going all the way back to ICC, and as we have rotated players, with many new faces and many faces staying the same, we have always maintained an inclusive and laid back culture that I know I have enjoyed immensely.

As we wind down operations I have spoken with the GM of the guild Dishonored and they are willing to take our members over and allow us to participate as we choose to with their team. 

I will be moving Ceenit over there, and I know Burn is already over there raiding with their mythic team.  I am encouraging everyone to move over there so we can maintain as much comradiere as possible, just now with a larger pool of players to get to know and become friends with. 

I spent a lot of time talking to a few of their members and I honestly feel that is as close to an environment for SFV as we are going to find on Kilrogg/Winterhoof.

A few things about their guild:

They are currently have a Mythic progression team that runs from 6pm-9pm PST on Wed/Thus.

They have a heroic progression team that runs from 6pm-9pm PST on Sat/Sun, this team is currently 9/9H so just a bit further than we were.  This team is where people move up from to the heroic team as people leave and need to be replaced.

The Mythic team does a Heroic full clear on Sundays.

On Fridays they do a Normal full clear that anyone is invited to.

They do Rated Battle Grounds on Monday starting at 6pm.

As you can see there are quite a few things going on.  Another guild recently merged with them which is what allowed that second raid team to form.

They do not have a website but do have a Facebook page.

They use Teamspeak for their communications and that is fairly active with all the events going on.

The heroic raid team is run similar to ours.  They have 3 raid leaders and a banker lead.  They don't go yelling at people in the raids which was important to me.  They do set expectations for the players though there are no hard gearing requirements.

I will be joining as more of a casual member since I will not be able to make guaranteed raid times (lets be honest, I can't make our raid times either!) But I will be there to do M+, and maybe pug a raid or two and with more people in the guild I think we will have a better opportunity to play and be part of a community.

After talking with some other members of SFV, I will be transferring GM of this guild to an alt and we will keep the guild around, but it will basically become a shell.

I want to again thank all of you for all of the work and effort you have put in to make SFV such a great guild and while I wish we could stay together I think this is the best solution for everyone to still participate and be part of an active community.

Please let me know if you are willing to move and I will coordinate the move over to the new guild and whether you plan to raid.  All are invited even if you do not plan on raiding.  Also, if you have additional questions please do not hesitate to ask either through PM or in this thread which will remain open.


All the best,



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